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renovation work

Dear guests,


Following the numerous suggestions from clients concerning our bathrooms, and as part of a way to embellish and modernize them, renovation work will be carried out in some rooms.

We are well aware of the disturbing noise that this work may cause and we assure you that we will do our best to limit the nuisance to make your stay enjoyable. In that sense, any drilling operation will be limited from 11AM to 4PM only on workdays.

Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know of your eventual concerns and feelings.

The management and the entire team of the Opera Cadet thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.


The Opéra Garner

An architectural masterpiece

Our hotel, located just a 10 to 12-minute walk from the Opéra Garnier, invites you to discover this monument, which epitomizes late 19th century Parisian architecture.

The Opéra, built between 1860 and 1875, was a part of Baron Haussman's drive to rebuild Paris for Napoleon III. The architect chosen to build it was Charles Garnier, and the building still bears his name.

The Opéra Garnier, which is home to ballet and opera performances, has been returned to its full glory thanks to several successive restoration campaigns.

It is open to the public. Admission includes access to the Library-Museum of the Opera (the French National Library's permanent collection of scenery and objets d'art), the Rotonde des Abonnés, the Bassin de la Pythie, the Grand Staircase, the Grand Foyer and Avant Foyer, the Salon de la lune and Salon du Soleil, and the Rotonde du Glacier with its tapestries.

Access to the auditorium, known for its ceiling painted by Marc Chagall, may be restricted or impossible due to technical or artistic concerns. Admission also includes any temporary exhibitions.


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