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The « Doré » way of life in Paris

It is said he brought the « power of the imagination to Europe ». Mainly thanks to his illustrations… Gustave Doré has illuminated a big part of the 19th century with black, verve and humour! Discover the « Doré » way of life thanks to the beautiful exhibition the Musée d'Orsay dedicated to him until June 5.

It is true that the Musée d'Orsay is a cult place for all those who love 19th century art in Paris. The former train station revisited as a museum was the ideal place to present this big exhibition about Gustave Doré (1832-1883), mainly celebrated for his incredible etchings of the works of Dante, Rabelais, Hugo or Balzac.

Original or imaginary. This time, in stead of just stopping at the illustrations that may have made the French artist famous, the exhibition meticulously reveals all the other sides of his work and his talents. From drawing to painting, from watercolour to sculpture. Often original or imaginary, the inspiration of Doré is expressed in all ranges of emotion![backPid]=254&cHash=c57f7254f4


The art of the non finito was well understood by the Romantic painters! Their sketches are more than just simple preparations: they have a true oneiric dimension. Discover the subtle art of sketching at the heart of romantic Paris, during your stay at the Hotel Opéra Cadet. At the Musée de la Vie Romantique from September 17, 2013 to February 2, 2014.
« More life, less forms ». That is how Diderot defined sketching. Using these guidelines, the Romantic painters made an impact with their preparatory work presenting their vision like revealers of life, movement and lights, even before their  « real » paintings.
Work in motion. You’ll realize this along the one hundred odd paintings signed by Delacroix, Cogniet, and Scheffer. The latter lived on the site of the museum today, which makes it even more attractive. How these preparatory projects represent the work in motion is the question running through all minds.

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To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Art Nouveau in Paris, the Pinacothèque of Paris organises a large retrospective of this art which was the Parisian favourite from 1890 to 1905, before becoming Art Deco. Until September 8, 2013, rediscover this erotic and so Parisian art the Art Nouveau was.
They were called Gallé, Majorelle, Gaudí, Guimard, Lalique, Grasset or Bugatti. They were the famous names of Art Nouveau in Paris. They wanted to liberate themselves from classicism and explore new undulating and erotic forms.
Abundant and inspired by nature and women, Art Nouveau can be found in all kinds of places and imaginations; From the metro entrance to desk lamps, from bracelets to Parisian buildings… Let’s celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Art Nouveau in Paris this summer along more than two hundred beautiful objects!

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Keith Haring (1958-1990) rings a bell to you? With Warhol, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and a few others, he has transformed the pop art! As an arty icon, he has become one of the heroes and militants of modern art since he passed away. Paris pays tribute to him with two beautiful exhibitions until August 18.
First of all, to be almost within reach of the militant and creative dimensions of his work, you’d need to go to the « Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris » this summer. Along the 250 odd works, you’ll be hit by the abundance and plurality of the surfaces and the used methods!
The 10 commandments of Haring in Paris! Also, at the Centquatre, you’ll find the most famous works by Haring, like the legendary 10 Commandments. Meaning: the 10 works signed by the artist and all measuring over 7 metres height!

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He was the one who invented 3D! Giotto di Bondone (c. 1267-1337) is a true revolutionary around 1290 when he introduces convergence lines, and organises perspective as well as shades in his compositions. Do not miss the beautiful exhibition that the Musée du Louvre dedicated to this important figure of the Italian Quattrocento. Until July 15.
Shades, convergence lines, a perspective… It didn’t need much to invent 3D! For us, that seems basic, but before Giotto, this was unknown. Dante, Petrarch, Boccacio, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo; they all praised Giotto’s virtues!
Sensitive painting. For his formal inventions, of course, but also for his sensitiveness as a painter in front of bodies and landscapes. Seeing the thirty odd paintings, drawings, illuminations and sculptures, you’ll be surprised by the life that passes through his work as well as by his work as such!

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Until July 6, visit a free, giddy and charming exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville of Paris! « Paris Haute couture » invites you to discover Parisian fashion and its history, most original creations and famous names. So Parisian! Fashion in short!
Paris has not always been the fashion city we know. Yet, it is a tradition that goes back to 1858! At that time, the capital’s first fashion house opens its doors. At the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, you’ll learn about the great story as well as the thousands of adventures of the fashion city of Paris!

Models and stories. During the 20th century, it all went very fast, and from Chanel to Balenciaga, from Courrèges to Dior, Lanvin or Yves Saint Laurent, the high fashion houses kept on multiplying until now. With over one hundred models.

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No, Valentine’s Day is over! But Paris remains the city of love all year round, with a wide range of activities and events to experience as a couple. Like for instance the « Cinéma Paradiso » event, inviting you to watch cult movies in the nave of the Grand Palais until June 21, 2013.
No! You will not find a big exhibition in the nave of the Grand Palais this time, but an army of… Fiat 500s and sunbeds leaning against a gentle slope and facing a widescreen. From June 10 to 21, discover the pleasures of this giant Drive-In and find a fascinating billing of cult movies!
Cinema, games, dances. At the heart of this unique site of the Parisian heritage, you might be watching Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Grease, Taxi Driver or Annie Hall. And if you feel like dancing, having a meal or playing a bowling or video game, come to one of the designated areas of the Grand Palais!

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Enjoy the last few days of the tournament! Until June 9, all of Paris is rushing to the Porte d’Auteuil or in front of a television screen to be fascinated by the legwork and racket moves of the world’s biggest tennis stars! Make use of your stay in Paris at the Opéra Cadet, to follow the finals of Roland-Garros!
What about you, would you be betting on a victory of Nadal during the finals or on a surprise by Tsonga? In any case, you can admire the finalists at Hotel Opéra Cadet, whatever their names will be! Epic moments and held breaths are on the programme in front of your high definition flat screen television!
Roland Garros!
During your stay at the Opéra Cadet, in the heart of Paris, you’ll comfortably be enjoying the performances of your heroes, under the best circumstances! There will be no excuse to disturb you!

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The pioneer of the Impressionism Eugène Boudin had his fans, and not the least! « I owe it all to Boudin » Monet would have said. And Corot would have called him « the king of skies ». In short, the Musée Jacquemart André was right in organising this exhibition as a tribute! To be discovered in Paris until July 22, during your stay at the Opéra Cadet.
« Three strokes of the brush in front of nature are worth more than two days of work at the easel » he said. This indisputable master of the sea and of his tormented landscapes will take you along a journey from Honfleur to Venice, with over sixty paintings, watercolours and drawings.
Focussing on plein air painting, and looking for all that is momentary, Boudin is a master of light who will enchant you during the entire spring and until the heart of the summer in Paris! When inventing the beach scene in 1862, he completely focuses on the sea and prides himself to "series", allowing him to reach the threshold of pure painting.

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From theatre to fashion, from music to cinema, from painting to opera, from photography to literature, the Thousand and One Nights have inspired the West and allowed it to discover the amazing tales of Sheherazade. As a tribute to them, the Arab World Institute invites you until May 28 to a major exhibition around this universal myth of the East!

The pitch: to escape from death, the Grand Vizier’s daughter tells Sultan tall stories. Thanks to her rich imagination and embedded stories, she escaped from the scheduled tortures, offering us one of the most beautiful showcases of the world literature.

The characters: Sheherazade, Sindbad and Aladin can be found along the three hundred odd works. The Arab World Institute offers to meet them in their representations but also to follow the genesis of this major work of the world literature. During your stay in Paris, you are welcomed to an endless world of dreams, illusions and fantasies!

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With its daring architecture along the Seine, the Cité de la Mode et du Design museum is a standing site of French fashion. In Paris, it’s a unique centre that features and displays creations, fashion and design. Until May 19, don’t miss the exceptional exhibition « Model, body of fashion ».
Next to the Gare d’Austerlitz, the Cité de la Mode reveals the fascinating « body of fashion ». Sorry, what? It’s the story about modelling, which, in one century, progressed from the status of an inanimate object to that of an icon. With over 120 photos, this is where you’ll discover the wide range of the Parisian fashion, between design and business.
Photos, mannequins, standards. Mainly signed by Horst P. Horst, Helmut Newton, Nick Knight, as well as Juergen Teller, these worldwide known photos of models act in harmony with objects like dressmakers’ dummies, mannequins... Fatal seductions, beauty artifices and standards!


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