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The « Doré » way of life in Paris

It is said he brought the « power of the imagination to Europe ». Mainly thanks to his illustrations… Gustave Doré has illuminated a big part of the 19th century with black, verve and humour! Discover the « Doré » way of life thanks to the beautiful exhibition the Musée d'Orsay dedicated to him until June 5.

It is true that the Musée d'Orsay is a cult place for all those who love 19th century art in Paris. The former train station revisited as a museum was the ideal place to present this big exhibition about Gustave Doré (1832-1883), mainly celebrated for his incredible etchings of the works of Dante, Rabelais, Hugo or Balzac.

Original or imaginary. This time, in stead of just stopping at the illustrations that may have made the French artist famous, the exhibition meticulously reveals all the other sides of his work and his talents. From drawing to painting, from watercolour to sculpture. Often original or imaginary, the inspiration of Doré is expressed in all ranges of emotion![backPid]=254&cHash=c57f7254f4

Before him, Rome wasn’t entirely the centre of the world yet. Before him, the word ‘imperator’ didn’t mean Emperor yet. Indeed, Augustus is one of the men who changed the face of the Antique World. And two thousand years later, Paris sees to adding a few laurels to his. Thanks to the Grand Palais and the Musée du Louvre, until July 13.

Often, people talk about his reign like a golden age. It is true that the great man the exhibition I, Augustus unwinds is not only the founder of what is later called the Roman Empire, but he is also the first prince of a Roman civilisation that seems to be at its climax.

The golden century. Statues with sculpted reliefs and frescos with exceptional reconstructions of villas. It all shows the Roman wealth and the power of the Antique Italy on the western world. Augustus, first emperor of the Roman Empire, also kept his fame thanks to the great writers of his century such as Virgil, Horace, Livy and Ovid.

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Before becoming Republican, France was royal, and even imperial. One Empress has even become the French favourite for her modernity and sense of beauty. Coming spring, the small but endearing Musée du Luxembourg pays tribute to Joséphine, wife of Napoléon 1st and Empress. Enough imperial reasons to rediscover this Parisian museum.
Obviously, there will be souvenirs of the woman Joséphine was. But also of the wife she was, and of her private life with the Emperor. Naturally, you’ll find souvenirs of the sovereign, but also of the patron of arts and inspirer of fashion she was. Until June 29, items, documents but also art works will enlighten the portrait of this major figure of French history.
As a Creole, great traveller and modern woman, Joséphine loved art in all its forms. You’ll not be surprised to find famous art works and splendid illustrations with her influence on the history of art and styles during the consular and imperial period.

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If they could, they would have been your roommates in Paris. Verdi and Wagner would stayed at Hotel Opera you ! They could reach easily the Opera Garnier. Enjoy until March 16, the proximity of this beautiful monument dedicated to music and opera to celebrate these two sacred monsters of the opera !

They have had two hundred years both in 2014. Sharing the same birth year, they have not been presented during their life time. The Opéra Garnier, in partnership with the BNF , decided to meet Verdi and Wagner posthumously.
Lyrical breath ! Your visit to the Opera Cadet do not miss lyrical breath as a few minutes walk you will be in the company of Aida creator and Tannhäuser father ! Or rather exciting memories and documents illustrating their lives and their works and performances. Visit the museum library opera until March 16 !

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After the celebration of the Art Nouveau, it seemed completely natural that the Art Deco took its place in the cultural agenda of the capital! As this movement derives from the first one and as various French creations had an important role in its international echo, the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine de Chaillot highlights the crazy appeal of the Art Deco in Paris this winter!
Do you know the architects Sauvage, Mallet-Stevens or Patout, the decorators Véra, Süe, Mare and Ruhlmann, the fashion designer Poiret or even the sculptor Pompon? If you do, you are a great expert of the Art Deco, and you’ll only have one thing left to do: hustle to see this exhibition, held until March 3.
The appeal or the style. If you don’t know these artists, but if you are intrigued and curious about the geometrical forms as well as the dynamic and attractive energy of the Art Deco (1919-1940), do not hesitate. This retrospective is ideal to understand the origin of the style - the International Exhibition of 1925 - as well as its international spread!


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On all continents, Paris represents the city of love. That is probably why you have chosen to stay at the Opéra Cadet with your Valentine, around February 14. Well done to you! The hotel’s location is ideal: it invites you to explore Paris holding hands and… rise above:
You can start your romantic exploration by climbing the Montmartre hill. About twenty minutes walking from the hotel, take the cable-car to discover the steep alleyways up there and enjoy a unique view on the French capital from the Sacré-Cœur.
Paris from above! Then, back down towards the Opéra Cadet, why should you not stop at the department stores, just a few steps away? Go to Printemps Haussmann for a tea in the panoramic cafeteria "Déli-cieux", at the top floor with terrace…Then continue to the Champs-Elysées, where you can have one of the most beautiful views of the capital… from the Arc de Triomphe, Paris is shown in 360°!

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Discover or rediscover one of the greatest French photographers at the start of this New Year: Raymond Depardon is exhibited at the Grand Palais until February 10, 2014. The Opéra Cadet team recommends you to visit this exhibition, entitled « A sweet moment », during your stay at the hotel.

Of course Depardon is a photographer! And what kind of a photographer! But he is also a journalist or an artist with the attitude of an anthropologist. It has been over fifty years now that he has been offering us an incomparable view on our modern world. This time, the exhibition highlights his various journeys all over the world.


From Ethiopia to South America, Depardon speaks to us in colours of landscapes and the encounters that his career provoked. The intensity of his artistic life shows the existential magic of our relation to the world

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From January 8 to February 11, the fashion fever takes over Paris with the winter sales. So book your stay at the Opéra Cadet, ideally situated in Paris, and visit the chic and cult places as well as the addresses nearby, allowing you to be efficient in your search for good deals. Here’s some advice: 

Start with the cult places! To get plenty of good deals, without forgetting the Parisian chic, start your exploration of the sales in Paris… by taking the escalators. The ones of the famous department stores and fashion places around the Gare Saint-Lazare, close to the Opéra-Cadet.

Heart of sales. Then, go for a fashion meeting at the ‘passage du Havre’. Here, forty odd boutiques and stores await you under an elegant glass roof. Make a stop on the traditional Champs-Elysées as well as the avenue Montaigne before visiting the avenue d’Opéra to get some good deals in the carrousel of the Louvre!

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Christmas in Paris is one of the most beautiful life-size that exists. If you have the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Opéra Cadet for the holiday season, at the heart of the city of light, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to outings and fairies. Paris at Christmas time, what a show!
First, there will be the magic of Christmas lights. Then, the charming bohemian Christmas markets with stalls on the Champs-Elysées, on the square of La Défense, next to the Gare de l’Est and the Gare Montparnasse! Further on you’ll be delighted by the Big Wheel on the Place de la Concorde…
Christmas fairies.
You’ll also love the Village d’Auteuil: this year, the incredible « Fairy » show unites two hectares of nativity scenes from around the world, a Christmas market, a flea market, exhibitions, concerts, carousels, fanfares… And not to forget the outdoor ice rinks of the City Hall or Montparnasse, the shop windows of the department stores...

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Do you know the Palais de Tokyo? In the very chic 6th district of Paris, this recently renovated and extended museum is an unmistakable institution dedicated to modern art. Do not miss an outstanding occasion to visit the museum that gave a very eccentric carte blanche to Philippe Parreno around his architectural work.

A very eccentric journey to the Kingdom of modern art is waiting for you here! Over more than 22 000 m², find the famous names but also the new icons of modern art, along original works and installations…

But Philippe Parreno will not allow you to settle down. He will take you to a poetic and moving land. Under the fire of a scenographic deluge of words, symbols, visuals and sounds, the place becomes a true living organism inviting you to discover the protean (and worldwide known) art of the artist - cinema, sculpture, performance, drawing, text, etc.

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As the wild animal and then great master of Cubism, Georges Braque is part of the pantheon of the French artistic avant-garde of the 20th century. This fall, the Grand Palais in Paris offers us a retrospective honouring the artist’s work! If you’re staying at the Hotel Opéra Cadet between now and January 6, we warmly recommend you this exhibition!
The work of Braque had not been the subject of such a retrospective since 1973! You’ll understand why the exhibition is a great success! All the more knowing that Braque continues to fascinate the public. As a man of the 19th century -: he was born in 1882, the artist passionately adopted the 20th century!
Key moments and abounding work. His companionships with Picasso and Picabia show us an inventive Cubism and an interest for every day nature, tribal arts and collages. After the two World Wars, Braque takes a turn towards a certain mythological or metaphoric lyricism, based on the search for freedom.


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